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Lou Reed, Tinariwen, The Bad Plus

A musical trainwreck from Bill Joy; The poetry of Poe as sung by Lou Reed; Rebel warriors turned musicians: Tinariwen; Vanguard electronica producer Suba; A jazz trio does Nirvana: The Bad Plus

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Lou Reed, Tinariwen, The Bad Plus

How Long Are You Staying

The work of Bill Joy is one of more than two dozen "artists" featured on this new collection of song-poems: music made from the poetry of amateur writers.

Who Am I?

This two-hour-long, double CD features readings of Edgar Allan Poe's work by Laurie Anderson, Willem Dafoe, David Bowie and others, and some of Lou Reed's most remarkable guitar work.

Nar Djenetbouba

The ten members in Tinariwen met at a rebel training camp in Libya and eventually traded their guns for guitars to sing songs of resistance.

Tantos Desejos (Remix)

Suba made a name for himself by infusing the traditional sounds of Brazil with electronica.

Smells Like Teen Spirit

On their major label debut, The Bad Plus offer some original jazz tunes and a few remarkable interpretations of rock classics.