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KT Tunstall: Taking the Long View

KT Tunstall grew up in St. Andrews, Scotland.
KT Tunstall grew up in St. Andrews, Scotland.
KT Tunstall in Studio on World Cafe - 02/02/2006

Scottish singer KT Tunstall writes songs that sound both earthy and quirky, with dynamic live performances and an emotional connectedness that distinguishes her from other singer/songwriters.


Her best-selling album Eye to the Telescope creates a uniquely personal atmosphere that puts listeners at ease -- and, when necessary, on edge. Tunstall says the CD's title stems from the sky-watching she did as a child with her physicist father.

Tunstall's upbringing can be heard in her music, as well, in everything from the piano lessons she took to her older brother's love of goth metal to living in the area that spawned the Fence Collective and the Beta Band.

This interview originally aired on Feb. 2, 2006.

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