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Hands Down Eugene: 'Champion'

Hands Down Eugene
Hands Down Eugene

With relaxed rhythms and Beatles-esque melodies, Hands Down Eugene has been finding a lot of fans in the Nashville area. The band is a collection of artists (including members of Ben Folds and My Morning Jacket) lead by Matt Moody, who recently moved from Missouri to Nashville.

Hands Down Eugene's album, Madison combines alt country and indie rock's strongest qualities. "Denise" begins the album with noisy, fuzz guitars and tasteful rock riffs. Great backing vocals and feedback fill out the sound. "Miss Madison" is dynamic piano piece with infectious hand claps, standard on any catchy pop tune. The track "Full Blast" features uplifting group vocals and impressive guitar work.

Hands Down Eugene produced the album with Jeremy Ferguson from BattleTapes Recording. It took about ten months. BattleTapes Recording has worked with some of Nashville's best new artists, including Forget Cassettes, De Novo Dahl, and The Carter Administration.

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