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Slaid Cleaves: Mortal Musings

Austin (by way of Maine) singer-songwriter Slaid Cleaves has been writing meaningful music for many years now. But his new album, Everything You Love Will Be Taken Away, is a game-changer. Cleaves hasn't released an album in five years, and the time in between discs has certainly paid off. The new record's songs tell stories of people you know — heartfelt, touching and timely. His voice is clear and the delivery is down to earth. His everyman approach to his craft makes these tracks powerful and accessible at the same time.

Cleaves recently stopped by KUT's Studio 1A to share some new songs, and along the way, we learned about just how big that Springsteen influence is; he also discussed his idyllic upbringing in Maine, his thoughts on our fleeting existence and his songwriting process. If you're unfamiliar with the work of Slaid Cleaves, or even if you've been a longtime fan, this session will not disappoint.

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