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Winterbloom: Rethinking Holiday Music

Winterbloom isn't a traditional "group" so much as an ongoing event in which four talented, Boston-area singer-songwriters bond over holiday music. In a session, Winterbloom doesn't sing about Rudolph and Frosty, but instead plays contemporary folk songs about the world during Christmas and the darkness of winter. Together, Meg Hutchinson, Antje Duvekot, Anne Heaton and Natalia Zukerman tell stories about families and the beauty of the end of the year in a lovely collection of original songs and thoughtful covers.

Heaton and Zukerman stopped by to talk to Mark Urycki about assembling a holiday album, touring and why it's a lot less lonely performing music with friends. Listen to the interview and enjoy a few songs from the project, recorded in the Folk Alley studios.

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