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New Mix: Peter Bjorn And John, Fleet Foxes And More

Fleet Foxes (upper left), Adele (upper right), Peter Bjorn and John (bottom)
Fleet Foxes (upper left), Adele (upper right), Peter Bjorn and John (bottom)

For a band called Fleet Foxes, the Seattle indie-folk outfit has been pretty slow to release new music. The band emerged from relative obscurity in 2008 and quickly scampered into listeners' hearts, landing its self-titled debut on year-end lists far and wide. Now, after nearly three years of silence, the band is readying its follow-up LP, Helplessness Blues. This week's show features the new album's title track.

Also on this edition of All Songs Considered, Son Lux delivers the latest from his album-in-a-month project (you can follow his progress on the blog). Plus: new music from U.K. pop star Adele, Swedish trio Peter Bjorn and John, Oregon 12-piece Typhoon and the Mexican rockers in Chikita Violenta.

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New Mix: Peter Bjorn and John, Fleet Foxes, And More

Second Chance

From 'Gimme Some'

By Peter Bjorn and John

Rumour Has It

From '21'

By Adele

Watch Adele's Tiny Desk Concert here, or listen to 21 in its entirety here.

Sketch #6

From 'Untitled (RPM Challenge)'

By Son Lux

Hear more from Son Lux's album-in-a-month project.

The Honest Truth

From 'A New Kind Of House'

By Typhoon


From 'TRE3S'

By Chikita Violenta

Helplessness Blues

From 'Helplessness Blues'

By Fleet Foxes

Visit Sub Pop Records for more information on this album.