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Lost In The Trees In Concert

Lost in the Trees finds beauty in the darkest places. Singer, guitarist and songwriter Ari Picker, an artist classically trained at Berklee School of Music, mixes breathtaking string arrangements and sweeping orchestrations with folk-flavored acoustic guitars. But he uses these beautiful scores to tell personal stories of depression, suicide, cancer and the seemingly endless pain endured by a troubled family. It's the sound of a band coming to terms with the tragedies that define Picker's songs, then weaving bittersweet melodies out of melancholy.

After exorcising his inner demons on 2010's All Alone in an Empty House, Picker is back with Lost in the Trees and a new record called A Church That Fits Our Needs. You can watch band perform songs from both albums in this performance, originally recorded live from Le Poisson Rogue in New York City Apr. 11, 2012.

Set List

  • "Walk Around the Lake"
  • "Red"
  • "Tall Ceilings"
  • "An Artist's Song"
  • "This Dead Bird Is Beautiful"
  • "Garden"
  • "Song for the Painter"
  • "Golden Eyelids"
  • "Neither Here Nor There"
  • "Fireplace"
  • "All Alone In An Empty House"
  • "A Room Where Your Paintings Hang"
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    Producers: Mito Habe-Evans, Bob Boilen; Audio Engineers: Josh Rogosin, Kevin Wait; Videographers: Doron Schachter, AJ Wilhelm; Executive Producers: Anya Grundmann, Keith Jenkins

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