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Viking's Choice: Chumped, 'Name That Thing'

Rebecca Reed
Courtesy of the artist

Growing up sucks. Growing up is awesome. You trade in the insecurities of one age for another, and yet somehow become wiser in the process — or at least that's the idea. After just a couple of solid EPs, that seems to be the crossroads where the Brooklyn band Chumped stands right now. "Name That Thing" comes from a debut album with an appropriate title: Teenage Retirement.

"Name That Thing" is a catchy-as-hell pop-punk song with a wistful quality befitting a desire to cling desperately to youth. A dynamic vocalist here, guitarist Anika Pyle speeds through the chorus with an audible sigh:

And we drank and we talked s-- and I was happy

Tried so desperately to hold onto the feeling

Of being young, of being sure, of being lucky

'Cause I get down and it's so easy to feel nothing

Once she's joined by her bandmates at the final chorus, however, she and the song are empowered. This is a running theme in Chumped's short career thus far. It really comes out in the music video for "Something About Lemons": Don't go it alone, because we're in this thing together.

Teenage Retirement comes out Nov. 18 on Anchorless Records.

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