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Songs We Love: Grouper, 'Clearing'

Grouper's new album, <em>Ruins</em>, comes out Oct. 31
Jason Bokros
Courtesy of the artist.
Grouper's new album, Ruins, comes out Oct. 31

For all the credit given to Harris' gorgeous voice and enveloping beds of sound, the first song on her new album Ruins highlights her talents as a lyricist. "Clearing" is remarkably affecting: Playing the piano with poignant fragility, Harris whispers crushing lines: "Every time I see you / I have to pretend I don't." "Can't you see us fading? / Soon there won't be anyone there." "Maybe you were right when you said I'd never been in love." The last crestfallen word of each line barely escapes Harris' mouth as the piano stays steadfast.

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