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The Marías, 'Hush'

It's to Los Angeles band The Marías' credit that the music they play doesn't fit neatly into any one genre. In today's streaming ecosystem, genres are increasingly being broken down. Despite the DSP's attempts at playlist nirvana, pure country or alt-pop often don't turn out to be pure or alt at all. The brilliance of "Hush" is in its seductive and sultry between-the-genres appeal. The track is anchored in moody, sinewy and dark rhythmic pulses, recalling the syncopated melodicism of Depeche Mode. María Zardoya's sensual pop phrasing, particularly on the chorus, counters the brooding mood of the song. With its intimacy, pulsing electronica and Zardoya's confident vocals, "Hush" stands out.

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