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mastroKristo, 'A Ritual'

If you're one of the bleary-eyed millions who find falling asleep at night challenging, listen up. The forthcoming debut album by the Greek tea shop owner and woodworker Christos Parapagidis – who goes by mastroKristo – is a drowsy paean to all things nocturnal, including nodding off into peaceful slumber. The opening track, "A Ritual," with its softly swaying rhythm and bittersweet tune, could be the musical score to a dream, as if you've stumbled upon a ramshackle piano in a dimly lit attic. You can almost hear the dust pluming off the felt hammers as bells quietly trill and a bassoon murmurs in the corner. Even if you're getting your recommended eight hours in each night, mastroKristo's music is a welcome invitation to tranquil (head)spaces.

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Tom Huizenga is a producer for NPR Music. He contributes a wide range of stories about classical music to NPR's news programs and is the classical music reviewer for All Things Considered. He appears regularly on NPR Music podcasts and founded NPR's classical music blog Deceptive Cadence in 2010.