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Conan Gray, 'Telepath'

With his latest release, "Telepath," Conan Gray has ignited Sad Girl Fall. Gone is the Gray that cries over crushes into his sweater cuffs. The once perpetually plaintive popstar has tossed out sadness to adopt a cooler attitude towards love.

Produced by powerhouse collaborators Ilya, Julia Michaels, and Caroline Ailin, "Telepath" mimics the predictable nature of an on-again-off-again fling. Gray's played this game for too long: Bored by his partner's hot-and-cold routine, his music matures in turn with a darker, synth-heavy sound that gives "Telepath" a hypnotic effect. A repetitive, mind-numbing bassline gives this song an electro-pop feel that throws us back to the '80s.

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Cat Sposato