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Susto's new album 'Time in the Sun' is a deeply reflective and personal record

Sully Sullivan
Courtesy of the artist

When Susto lead singer Justin Osborne last visited the World Cafe back in 2018, he joked a little bit about the title of his then-latest record, Ever Since I Lost My Mind: "I'm a user of psychedelics," he said. "And when people used to tell me, when I was younger, that you take so many hits of LSD and you lose your mind — I think I've probably passed that by now."

A lot of us lost our proverbial minds at some point over the last 18 months – but Osborne's pandemic also included the loss of his father, and he became a dad as well. As a result, Susto's new album, Time in the Sun, is a deeply reflective and personal record. The South Carolina band recorded a session featuring tracks from Time in the Sun from Sputnik Sound in Nashville. It's a mini-concert in this episode of World Cafe.

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