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Jazz Night in America: On the List

Amna Ijaz

Updated July 18, 2023 at 3:37 PM ET

Jazz Night in America is a radio and video documentary series that goes deep on stories across the jazz diaspora. On the List shakes loose our staff's favorite new releases every month — from traditional tunes to avant-garde adventures to electronic experiments, we'll keep our ears open in order to present you with a selection of the genre's newly-mined gems. These songs represent just a small sampling of the music released by jazz artists around the world; we hope that as we share our discoveries you feel inspired to embark on your own exploration of what's new. (If you'd like to hear the music featured on Jazz Night in America, we've got that, too.)

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Our favorites from May & June 2023:

June 2023

Meshell Ndegeocello, "ASR (feat. Jeff Parker)"
Christine Jensen, "Girls Can Play the Blues"
Ambrose Akinmusire, "Launchpad"
Orrin Evans, "The Red Door"
Donny McCaslin, "Fly My Spaceship"
Matthew Halsall, "Water Street"
Steve Carrington, "European Serenade"
Joel Goodman, "What Dreamers Dream"
Yosef-Gutman Levitt, "Soul Song (feat. Lionel Loueke)"
Roxana Amed, Frank Carlberg, "Signos"
Daniel Hersog Jazz Orchestra "Ahead By A Century"
Max Light, "High or Booze"
David Binney, Louis Cole, Pera Krstajic, "Action"
Greg Spero, Keyon Harrold, Terreon Gully, Jermaine Paul, Dario Chiazzolino, "Beginnings"
Simon Mavin, Harvey Sutherland, "Good Hair Day - Harvey Sutherland Remix"
Ray Angry, "Musique Mechanique #3"
Chief Adjuah, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, "Xodokan Iko - Hu Na Ney"
Theo Croker, Uèle Lamore, "Contes de la nuit"
Christos Rafalides, Petros Klampanis, "Long Story Short"
Mathis Picard, Melanie Charles, Kofi Hunter, "Hello (feat. Melanie Charles & Kofi Hunter)"
David Murray, Ray Angry, ?uestlove, "Brown Doves"
Mark Lettieri, Jason "JT" Thomas, Daniel Porter, Wes Stephenson, "Catboy - Live at the Iridium"
Willerm Delisfort, "Rainbow Ruby"
Slowly Rolling Camera, Josh Arcoleo, Verneri Pohjola, "Connected"
Elio Villafranca, "I Belong To You"
Mehmet Ali Sanlıkol, Anat Cohen, "A Capoeira Turca (Baia Havası)"
Ben Miller, "Internal Eyes"

May 2023

Ocean Ave Bolero Club, "Alma, Corazon, y Vida"
Beverly Glenn-Copeland, "Africa Calling"
NIJI, Moses Boyd, "Sounds of the City"
Pedro Martins, JD Beck, Thundercat, "Isn't It Strange"
Sexmob, "Banacek"
Gretchen Parlato, Lionel Loueke, "Awkê"
Yasser Tejeda, "Todo Va A Marcha"
Jean-Michel Pilc, Francois Moutin, Ari Hoenig, "Dear Old Stockholm"
Rudy Royston, "Morning"
Hania Rani, "Hello"
Marquis Hill feat. Joel Ross, "Stretch - (The Body)"
Cautious Clay, Joshua Karpeh, "Ohio"
Bobby Sanabria MULTIVERSE Big Band, " Capullito De Aleli"
Kasia's Machine, "Eat Dessert First"
Mark Dresser, "Epitine"
Brandon Lopez, "Billie"
Joe Lovano's Trio Tapestry, "One For Charlie"
Madison McFerrin, "Run (feat. Bobby McFerrin)
Kassa Overall, Tomoki Sanders, Bendji Allonce, Mike King, Ian Finklestein, "Still Ain't Find Me"
Alex LoRe & Weirdear, "Fauxlosophy"
Nicole Zuraitis, Gilad Hekselman, "Like Dew"
Greg Spero, Anthony Fung, Solomon Dorsey, "Jawaan"
Orrin Evans, "Dexter's Tune"
Louis Cole, "Palmdale Cruisin'"
Lyia Meta, "Always You"
Yussef Dayes, Tom Misch, "Rust (feat. Tom Misch)
Michael Blake, Merle the Pearl"

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