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Luna Li (feat. beabadoobee), 'Silver Into Rain'

It's so easy to get lost in Luna Li's music. The rising artist's latest single, a collaboration with beabadoobee, whispers like a confession, but also soars. It's gloomy, dreamy and dizzying, punctuated by addictive electric guitar solos, and emblematic of the Korean-Canadian artist's sound.

In the music video for "Silver Into Rain," Luna Li kneels in front of a television, attempting to reach into the screen, where she sees dancing incarnations of herself and beabadoobee. She finds herself caged within the confines of an oozing bathroom mirror, a pared down hotel room and a bluish bath tub, where her braids seem to melt into the water. The imagery feeds into the lyrics ("gold into grey," "silver into rain") which conveys a sense of both clarity and disintegration – of beautiful golden things dissolving into puddles of grey rain.

No longer masked by the glitter and the trinkets, Luna Li, in seamless harmony with beabadobee, sings: "Blow me away / Too shy for the stage, too careful to be brave," and lastly, "I'm too young for my age." The song ends in a smattering of drums, and a decisive guitar melody — and the vulnerability of the lyrics seems to fade away into the bold instrumentals, allowing the listener to surrender to the euphoric confusion of rising to the top, too dizzyingly fast.

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Candice Wang