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Hope Tala, 'Party Sickness'

Hope Tala's newest single, "Party Sickness," captures the pandemic anxieties of young people who are returning to social spaces and feeling the need to make up for lost time. The song fluctuates between a background choir of voices and beats; it feels like we're there, sitting in conversation with friends and strangers, as the walls pulse.

The music video, directed by Loris Russier, opens with Tala amidst the wreckage of a party. On screen, the mischievous atmosphere is driven by the duality of wholesome excitement contrasted with the context of a pandemic that has intensified feelings of isolation — we watch Tala navigate a whirlwind of attraction and tangles of dancing limbs while also telling a friend to forget her heartbreak and be present in the moment. It's a timely reflection of how young people are earnestly trying to make up for lost time.

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Jireh Deng