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Entries We Love: Devin + Tori, 'Better'

Hometown: Long Island, N.Y.

Pairs well with: Unwinding after a stressful day

The moment I heard the buttery-smooth rasp that glides over the opening chords of "Better," my interest was piqued. A few beats later came the first of many melodious harmonies, and I was fully invested. But it wasn't until I heard the gospel-like runs and airy falsettos that kick in midway through the song that I felt flutters in the pit of my stomach and had goosebumps rise along my arms. "It all gets better," Devin + Tori repeatedly sing throughout this video — perhaps a cliché, but a valid reminder I often need to hear. Devin's soft pop-meets-R&B instrumentals feel like the foundation of a home, and Tori's soulful vocals are its building blocks: Both are impressive on their own, but neither would be complete without the other.

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Taylor Jennings-Brown
Taylor Jennings-Brown is a 2021-2022 Kroc Fellow. She is a thoughtful writer from Durham, North Carolina and is a spring 2021 graduate from the University of South Carolina, where she received her bachelor's degree in mass communications and anthropology.