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Entries We Love: Jade Jacobs, 'Like This (That)'

Hometown: Washington, D.C.

Pairs well with: Midnight journaling

Jade Jacobs sits alone at a keyboard in a simple living room wearing a plain blue tee and ripped jeans — an outwardly demure entry video with no eye-catching theatrics. She introduces herself and her song before she begins striking a jazzy melody on her keyboard and this is where it all changes. Her silky low register fills the space and adds wonder and spectacle to the Contest entry. Jacob's love ballad "Like This (That)" embodies the saying "when people show you who they are, believe them." The disappointment of being let down by love is practically palpable as Jacob soulfully croons, "You changed before my eyes / Wasn't ready for the surprise / The surprise of you / I liked you better for the bs." The melody is sophisticated, the vocals are full yet gentle and the lyrics are pensive— if only we could warn ourselves of future heart ache.

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Taylor Jennings-Brown
Taylor Jennings-Brown is a 2021-2022 Kroc Fellow. She is a thoughtful writer from Durham, North Carolina and is a spring 2021 graduate from the University of South Carolina, where she received her bachelor's degree in mass communications and anthropology.