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Entries We Love: ANDIE, 'He's Not What You Need Blues'

Hometown: Chicago, Ill.

Pairs well with: A throbbing broken heart

How do you deal with the type of heartbreak that feels like betrayal? In this Tiny Desk Contest entry, Chicago-based singer ANDIE explores the angst that comes with this kind of pain. "He's Not What You Need Blues" is a skillful exploration of the hurt that comes with being betrayed, artfully calling out to a former lover over a bluesy guitar lick: "Is it funny or sad / that you chose your man / after all that I am? / Was that always your plan?"

This song seems to be recorded at the site of your fatal stab wound, and it seeps through the hole you made when letting your guard down. And ANDIE's vocals will transport you there and press you against that feeling for her entire performance.

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Cat Sposato