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Entries We Love: Marcus Jade, 'Legs and Bones'

Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.

Pairs well with: Journaling about your past, pondering about your future

Marcus Jade's entry is recorded with such intimacy that you almost feel like you're invading his space, witnessing a private performance that wasn't meant to be shared – and we're grateful it was. "Legs and Bones" opens with an enchanting guitar melody, as he sets the scene — "tell me how does it feel, to live in the same place you grew up in?" Jade's voice carries such a unique richness and tone, cutting and projecting through the small Brooklyn bedroom like it's a concert hall. He reflects on a strained relationship with his hometown in a spilling stream-of-consciousness – even so, the coherence of Jade's performance makes it surprising to hear this Tiny Desk Entry was made "real quick," as if it was a lark in his day.

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Devon Williams