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Entries We Love: The Lunar Year, 'Tromping the Duck'

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.

Pairs well with: Brutal honesty

"Tromping the Duck" is an angsty ode to not giving a f***. The Lunar Year's 2022 Contest entry is cleverly filmed in a bathroom, with bassist Erik Kramer in the shower, drummer Adam Shumski on the toilet and guitarist-singer Katie Hackett in the bathtub. The song builds slowly, with Hackett's intense and powerful lower register, Shumski's steady beating of the bass drum and Kramer's fervent plucking. "Tromping the Duck" is about looking out for yourself, evident in the repeated lyrics: "No one's gonna have me / No one's gonna get mine / No one's gonna have me / I just look out for myself." Culminating with the simultaneous screams of all three band members, the song ends in the most fitting way — with a flush of the toilet.

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