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Entries We Love: The Supa Crew, 'I Don't Wanna Wait'

Hometown: San Juan, Puerto Rico

Pairs well with: Laying in the park and looking up at the clouds

The Supa Crew, led by vocalist Luis Anchondo, exudes effortless confidence and craft. The group's Contest entry, "I Don't Wanna Wait," captures the feeling of floating away, the desire to escape to a lighter place and not come down any time soon. The song ebbs and flows from ethereal to jam to jazz, linked together by dreamy guitar solos and Anchondo's guiding voice. There are so many charming moments in this performance, from the recorder played at the beginning to Achondo's barefoot dancing to the scatting solos and percussion breakdowns. "I don't wanna wait, another moment in time," Achondo sings — The Supa Crew certainly isn't wasting any time.

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Devon Williams