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Peter Matthew Bauer, 'Miracles'

The bassist from The Walkmen opens "Miracles" with lone acoustic guitar before the tune springs to life with Peter Matthew Bauer's lead vocal bathed in shining delay and reverb. A wistful and introspective song, "Miracles" is a meditation on life, regrets and the inevitable passage of time. The song's melody and its bright horn section from NYC-based brass ensemble The Westerlies are uplifting, while the lyrics are heartbreaking; "If you could do it all over again, would it pass so fast? / Would you change a thing?" Like adulthood itself, "Miracles" is bittersweet. You may be happy to survive and grow older, but with time, regrets and mistakes inevitably pile up and part of life's journey is moving forward without letting the baggage weigh you down.

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John Morrison
John Morrison is a writer, DJ, and sample-flipper from Philadelphia. As a writer, his work has appeared in NPR Music, Bandcamp Daily, Jazz Tokyo,, and more. He is also the host of Culture Cypher Radio, a hip-hop radio show on NPR member station WXPN.