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feeble little horse, 'Chores'

There's something charmingly kooky about the music of feeble little horse, a four-piece band from Pittsburgh that makes noisy, catchy pop songs. You can hear it crystallized on the band's impressive debut album from 2021, filled with crunchy textures and delightful little moments of tension. That record earned the band a level-up: Today, feeble little horse announced that it has signed with Saddle Creek, which has re-released hayday.

"Chores" was the first song feeble little horse made as a full band with singer Lydia Slocum; she says her anger over a recent breakup made it easy to write lyrics for the instrumental demo her new bandmates had just shown her. Over the band's riffy, propulsive sound, Slocum weaves together a deadpan delivery, a sarcastic little laugh and a punchy chorus, radiating a deliciously over-it energy: "Good boys know to be polite," she sings, "I'm not surprised / Don't you know manners, big boy?" The band also released a new animated video for "Chores" alongside the announcement, and the visual is naively sweet yet vaguely menacing — a fitting complement to feeble little horse's warped and wonderful sound.

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