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Super Plage (feat. Virginie B & Meggie Lennon), '+1'

At the first ray of sunlight, you're already thinking about your summer playlist. Consider this: Super Plage's "+1," the opening track from Magie à Minuit, is an avant-goût of warmer days but also parties, festivals and flirty encounters.

Produced, written and composed by Super Plage's Julien Henry-Leblanc, "+1" is simple, yet it delivers a punchy electro-pop production. Featuring the voices of Virginie B and Meggie Lennon, two Québécoises artists, they sing en français of summer crushes and guest lists for trendy events where Henry-Leblanc wishes to see his name next to his current flame. Yes, it is sexy. Yes, it is fresh. It's a roséwave-worthy bop for early-season patio nights where friends meet up to drink wine and snack on perfectly presented appetizers.

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Yara El-Soueidi