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Deeper, 'Sub'

Since Deeper dropped its self-titled debut album in 2018, the Chicago band has put its own spin on the enduringly trendy post-punk revival sound. While one can certainly trace the echoes of peers like Shame and Crack Cloud in its output, Deeper equally exudes the rowdy influence of The Replacements.

This energetic formula — coupled with an equally commanding stage presence — has led Deeper to a recently announced deal with Sub Pop, which just put out the band's latest single "Sub." Centered on a jagged, faintly psychedelic riff, the track alternates between motorik verses and a sardonically crooned chorus. It all seems smooth sailing until things quickly build to a fiery climax in the track's final 17 seconds. "I found a reason in the enough," singer Nic Gohl bellows on the song's driving outro. "Sub" finds Deeper settling into its most polished sound yet, one that's finally ready for the indie-rock big leagues. But even when the grit that defined its earlier work is toned down a bit, Deeper's music can't be stripped of an angsty zeal.

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Ted Davis