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  • May 21
  • Southside Community Center, Ithaca
  • May 21, 2021
  • Category: Play

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The Cherry debuts a new headphone walking-play: Trap Door. This brand-new work will explore the hidden histories of the Underground Railroad and civil rights pioneers in Ithaca by inviting audiences to notice the streets we travel. How does our city’s past unfold as we walk? When, where, and how do sites of struggles for freedom from the time of the Underground Railroad to the present disclose and disguise their narratives? We are excited to announce that Trap Door will be directed by Cynthia Henderson, and the lead writer will be National Book Award finalist poet Lyrae Van Clief-Stefanon, one of the Cherry’s most regular and beloved collaborators. Writes Van Clief-Stefanon, “Meandering these streets, one might happen upon a landmark site or a name easily recognized. But how many stories go untold? Which ones have slipped into gaps in history? What place do such silences hold in shaping a community?” Trap Door will be the Cherry’s third headphone walking play, a form perfect for social distancing. Combining text, dialogue, music, and sound design to create an unforgettable theatrical experience on foot with downtown Ithaca as its backdrop, Trap Door will break open the form in new and exciting ways.

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