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Hear HAIM's Heartfelt New Ballad, 'Want You Back'

What did we do to deserve new songs from both Paramore and HAIM? We are truly blessed this day.

After last week's P.T. Anderson-directed video for "Right Now," the shimmering "Want You Back" is the first official single from Something To Tell You. The three L.A. sisters (with Dash Hutton on drums) haven't altered the contours of their pop, but with this new song they do illuminate, in a mosaic arrangement, the awestruck motions of love.

HAIM's influences are out front, with Lindsey Buckingham-like guitar flourishes and a touch of Michael Jackson's Bad-era handclap ballads, both in Danielle Haim's fervent delivery and studio production that feels like several songs layered up and seeking maximum heart. As the sisters join vocal forces in the last minute, the bass line leaps out of "Want You Back" with a starlight funk, both restless and wondrous.

Something To Tell You comes out July 7 on Columbia.

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