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Qiet On Mountain Stage

Qiet on Mountain Stage
Brian Blauser
Mountain Stage
Qiet on Mountain Stage

West Virginia eclectic rock band Qiet makes its debut on Mountain Stage, recorded live at the Culture Center Theater in Charleston, W.Va. What was once a solo project for self-taught bandleader Christopher Vincent turned into the musical troupe Qiet (pronounced "quiet"), an evolving cast of musical characters with 13 performers sharing the same stage one night and a totally different number the next. While this eventually settled into the Charleston-based band's current configuration, Qiet's high-energy performances continue to showcase the members' varied past and passions. 1930's gypsy swing music couples with jangly Appalachian boogie as a larger-than-life David Bowie-esque ringmaster creates more than a show: It's a spectacle.

Qiet's latest self-release is Kiss of the Universe. This performance features Christopher Vincent on lead vocals/guitar, Alasha Al-Qudwah on violin/backup vocals, Shayla Leftridge on backup vocals/percussion, Stephen Barker on drums, James Maddox on bass, Max Venoy on trumpet/backup vocals and Robert Staggers Shanks trombone/backup vocals.


  • "Daddy's Too Old"
  • "Dionysian Dream"
  • "Mayfly Man"
  • "Get Found"
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