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Waxahatchee On World Cafe

Waxahatchee is the brainchild and band name of singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield. She visited World Cafe Live the day she released her new album, Out In The Storm, to perform four songs and chat about the record's origins.

The record was inspired by the end of a relationship, which makes talking about it in interviews a little tricky.

"Talking about it ... it's ... it is cathartic, but also it's strange to sort of like... I feel like I was very generous with the details of a lot of personal stuff, um, already just in the songs. ... I kind of hope that people can just take the songs without the context and kind of apply them however they want."

Crutchfield tells us about working with her twin sister and bandmate, Allison Crutchfield, and about how growing up in the South works its way into her music now.

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