WITH 90.1 FM

Rick Simpson

Rick’s love affair with radio started when he was 10 and his parents gave him one of those little 9-volt transistor radios for Christmas. In the late 60's, he discovered FM radio and that cemented his love. He did college radio at Oneonta State on WONY and at Geneseo State's WGSU for a total of 6 years. He longed for the opportunity to return to the airwaves and when he started working at the National Technical Institute for the Deaf at RIT, he had the opportunity to do so on WITR. During the next few summers he also filled in on the All Weather Lunch on WRUR and was given his full-time slot in 2010. When he is not busy planning his next Gumbo Variations show, he might be camping and canoeing with his wife and dogs, fishing with friends, or juggling with his partner.