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‘Diaper Jam’ marks end of era for Blind Spots

Apr 26, 2019

The Blind Spots will host 'Diaper Jam' at the Haunt Saturday night to mark the departure of bassist Khris Oursler (at right)
Credit Whitney Nichols Photography

The Blind Spots marked their 10th anniversary last fall with a big show at the Hangar Theatre that also celebrated the release of their new album, “Talk.”

Saturday, the Ithaca band returns to the Haunt to mark another momentous occasion: the last show with founding bassist Khris Oursler, who is expecting twin boys with his partner, Samantha. To help them prepare for the blessed event, the band has decided to call Saturday’s show “Diaper Jam.”

“We’ll likely all be an emotional mess at this show – but it’ll be a beautiful mess,” said Blind Spots singer Maddy Walsh. “Not only are we celebrating the coming-into-the-world of two baby boys whose parents are a part of our band family, but we’re also celebrating a decade of dedication to our project from our original bass player and brother, who will be returning to his career as a teacher—and what a run he had! 

“We’ve been all over the country together: we’ve slept on sticky floors and eaten sushi in hot tubs at 4 a.m.; camped on beaches and in swamps under Spanish Moss; treated ourselves to countless Hot Dog Parties in hotel rooms; played dive bars, clubs, and theaters from Ithaca to San Francisco; we’ve struggled through heartbreaks and van breakdowns and celebrated all of our weird victories together for just over ten years. There’s nothing but love and support for him as he embarks this new journey into fatherhood with our dear friend Samantha.”

By the way, longtime Blind Spots keyboardist Zach Rohrer is also leaving the band after this show, but the group will be carrying on with a new lineup.

“With Zach’s departure (he plans to stay in Ithaca more than we tour and will be pursuing other musical paths), the shape of the band will be very different after this show—we’re very excited about what’s ahead,” Walsh said, “but let’s talk about all that after April 30th when we make some big announcements!”

As part of “Diaper Jam,” the band is enlisting donations or gifts from the fans. “We’re asking people to bring diapers or a gift from Khris and Sam’s registry; they’ll also be doing the cloth diaper thing through Jillian’s Drawers, so don’t worry, Ithaca!” Walsh said.

Admission to the 8 p.m. show is $10 in advance, plus diapers at the door (or a gift from the registry); $20 at the door without diapers; or $15 plus diapers (or a gift from the registry).  Go here to learn more about the event.

Also, set aside some money to purchase “Talk” on vinyl – copies just arrived from the pressing plant last week.

And speaking of vinyl, DJ Gourd will be spinning tunes from his vast collection throughout the night.

“We’re psyched to have DJ Gourd on board to keep the party rolling between sets and so we can all dance and hug and cry happy tears together until our last note with this group, “ Walsh said. “Time passes, people grow, music evolves, families expand, and the show must go on. A big, beautiful summer season awaits the band, but first we pause to relish in the work we’ve done together as a family, and we celebrate all of it and these shifts, awaiting the arrival of not one but TWO new lives into our circle of Love. Congratulations, Khris and Sam. You’re gonna run this game.”