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Jen Kutler, Bubba Crumrine kick off tour in Ithaca

Jan 31, 2020

Friday night in downtown Ithaca, Eyevee Arts & Media artist in residence Jen Kutler and local multi-instrumentalist Bubba Crumrine will kick off their two-week east-coast tour, centered around the four-day International Noise Conference DIY fest in Miami, Fla. 

They’ll perform at the Chanticleer Loft, at the corner of State and Cayuga Streets. Admission is $7 for the 7 p.m. all-ages show presented by Ithaca Underground.

Jen Kutler
Credit Jim Catalano

Jen Kutler’s latest LP (and the first on the Eyevee label) “Disembodied” presents a series of audio pieces generated by the vibrations and movements captured by an electronic ring worn on the finger of a feminine spectrum body while bringing themselves to orgasm, transmitting nothing but data into a spreadsheet. This is the first step in a series of de-sexualization experiments seeking to discover the amount of separation required to de-objectify a body on the feminine spectrum. The timbres and textures draw from pure tones, field recordings, and granular synthesis to create long drones, complex harmonies and dynamic timbral shifts. The album continues this multidisciplinary artist and performer’s catalogue of utilizing objects that are cultural signifiers of power, gender, queerness and intimacy to create atypical instruments and sculptures.

Bubba Crumrine

Multi-instrumentalist Bubba Crumrine has been a catalyst in the Ithaca and Central NY underground music community since for over a decade. 2019's “How Brightly Can You Burn? (The Death of Youth)” is the sound of transitioning from one generation to the next and the pressure, excitement, and loss that surrounds. Crumrine delivers dense soundscape of synthesizers, washboard, bells, and voice, threading through ambient, industrial, new and old music.

Kutler and Crumrine will be joined by tourmates C.H.S. (Sam Hadge) - a stalwart of the national noise underbelly, driving squelching and clamoring distorted timbres to the folding table, whose YouTube channel is a venerable library of extreme music across the Eastern U.S. - and flubber boiler//soggy doggy (aka Aly Gear), who delivers a hypnotizing wash of looped and lumbering found objects and violin.

Tour Dates

1/31 Ithaca - The Chanticleer Loft

2/1 Philadelphia - Berk’s Warehouse

2/2 Richmond - Crystal Palaces

2/3 Chapel Hill - TBA

2/4 Gainsville - The Atlantic

2/8 Miami - INC - Churchill’s

2/9 Savannah - TBA

2/10 Atlanta - TBA

2/11 Baltimore - Mercury Theater

2/12 Brooklyn - Muchmores

2/13 Belchertown - Cold Spring Hollow