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MorMor Leaves You Wanting More With 'Heaven's Only Wishful' EP

Jun 25, 2018

MorMor positions himself as Toronto's newest enigmatic self-starter with the release of his debut EP Heaven's Only Wishful. Seth Nyquist, 26, has been playing piano since childhood. As a singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, he revels in exploring sound outside the confines of genre. The five-song EP teeters between melancholy and benevolently quiet joy, the kind to be cherished with the solace of an empty living room sway session.

The entire project, clocking in at just under a half an hour, is a study in how measured you can lean into your uncomfortableness and perhaps even elongate it. The project's title track — which enjoyed the added exposure of a sonic cosign from Pharrell since it's release — ruminates on life after death with a prophetic ease. The chorus of "Waiting on the Warmth" is doused with the cellophane sheen of '80s pop. The angelic vocals of "Lost" expand the parameters of lust to coax the listener into losing themselves. "Whatever Comes to Mind" cradles uncertainty in warm, climbing keys.

For fans of atmospheric incarnations of R&B, soul or dream pop, Heaven's Only Wishful is just short enough to show promise and leave you wanting more.

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