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Soulive, Live

Cover of the self-titled Soulive CD (Blue Note Records, 2003)
Cover of the self-titled Soulive CD (Blue Note Records, 2003)

Soulive has a sound that's both familiar and all its own. The drums/guitar/keyboards trio continues to redefine the jazz genre with a heady blend of old-school soul, funk, rock and traditional jazz.

Founding member Alan Evans first gained fame in the jazz world with the acclaimed Greyboy Allstars. His brother Neal Evans plays the Hammond B-3 organ, Wurlitzer and piano, and guitarist Eric Krasno rounds out the group.

NPR's Allison Keyes recently spoke with the members of the band to talk about their latest CD. Soulive has recorded two studio albums with Blue Note Records, but fans say the band is best appreciated live.

So the group's latest CD — Soulive — self-explanatory as well as self-titled. It's a collection of live tracks. In past studio efforts, the band added horn sections to their sound. But on Soulive the trio stays true to its pure trio sound.

The band may be little-known outside the jazz world, but it has attracted some big fans. Soulive recently opened for The Dave Matthews Band — and Dave Matthews has called Soulive "the greatest band in the world."

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