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Joe Henry, Aaron Neville, Bexar Bexar

A jazz standard from Aaron Neville; Synth pop duo The Aluminum Group; Instrumental ambience from Bexar Bexar; A robot monster from finger-style guitar master Don Ross; Early Baroque with Anno 1630. Featured Artist: Joe Henry.

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Joe Henry, Aaron Neville, Bexar Bexar

Your Side of My World

Shunning the singer/songwriter label, Joe Henry makes meticulously-crafted, lush, atmospheric music - creating a stunning, surreal world of sound.

Nature Boy

The unmistakeable Aaron Neville returns with this collection of jazz standards from the 1940s and '50s -- his first ever recording of pre-rock tunes.


This Chicago duo -- brothers John and Frank Navin -- get their name from a line of Eames furniture. This album is the second installment of a proposed trilogy of electronic chamber pop.


From Texas, Bexar Bexar make minimalist, electronic instrumentals, at times reminiscent of Brian Eno's Music For Airports.

Robot Monster

The only two-time national fingerstyle guitar champion, Don Ross wrote this album as a tribute of sorts to his late wife.

Sonata Seconda

This is a beautifully crafted collection of Baroque compositions performed on organ, harpsichord and violin.