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Nina Nastasia: 'Dogs'

Cover for Nastasia's latest CD, <i>Dogs</i> (Touch & Go Records 2004)
Cover for Nastasia's latest CD, Dogs (Touch & Go Records 2004)

Singer-songwriter Nina Nastasia talks about her cult-classic album, Dogs. The CD is being re-issued Tuesday on Touch & Go Records. Dogs sold well when it was first released five years ago, but quickly went out of print.

The legacy of Dogs began in New York City in 1999, when Nastasia and music partner Kennan Gudjonsson recorded the album for micro-sized independent label Socialist Records. Fans of Nastasia's live shows quickly snapped up the available copies of Dogs, and by the end of 2000 the CD was out of print.

Nastasia went on to begin recording her second album, The Blackened Air -- but the cult aura surrounding Dogs continued to grow. Recording industry insiders continued to laud the CD, and airplay in Great Britain led to increased demand for a re-issue.

Nastasia followed The Blackened Air with a third album, Run to Ruin, both on the independent Chicago record label Touch & Go. The label decided to re-release Dogs in 2004 after being showered with requests from abroad and at Nastasia's U.S. concert appearences.

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