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Intramural: 'My My, Tennessee'


Intramural's This is a Landslide is a tightly produced album that took four years to record. Featuring a different guest artist on each track (including Greg Dulli of The Twilight Singers and Matt Friction of The Pink Spiders), the album dabbles in a number of styles, but remains rooted in electronic-driven rock.

Intramural is the recording project of Denver Dalley and Sam Shacklock. While they make use of electronic elements, the duo maintains a homey feel, in part for their home recording techniques. Dalley explains, "We tracked my songs almost exclusively in different home bedroom studio set-ups, and I even recorded one of the songs in a college dorm room." The energetic "My My, Tennessee" proves that programmed beats can be as powerful as a drum kit. Greg Dulli's slow, expressive vocals on "This Is A Landslide" are supported by vocoder synth and gently played piano.

The new album was released on Portland's Slowdance Records. Denver Dalley has also spent time recording and touring with other groups such as Conner Oberst's Desaparecidos and Statistics.

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