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Yeasayer: '2080'


Yeasayer is making some of the year's most interesting and infectious music. Describing their sound as "Middle Eastern-Psych-Pop-Snap-Gospel", the Brooklyn-based group creates huge waves of sound with a vibe that's both primitive and modern. Dark melodies are set against world funk rhythms.

The first few seconds of Yeasayer's album, All Hour Cymbals, are a thrill ride, with choral harmonies, hand claps, and triumphant, heavy drums on the track, "Sunrise." The song builds to an enormous cacaphony. "2080" has a funk-inspired bass line with gorgeous harmonies. The track "Ah, Weir" shows the band's lighter side with easy-going percussion that eventually leads into the epic "No Need to Worry".

Yeasayer isn't likely to be a great unknown for long. The band is already getting a lot of attention with their "2080/Sunrise" single released on the label We Are Free.

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