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2009's Best (Mostly) 'New Music,' From Q2

In classical-music terms, "New Music" is always complicated to define. Yes, it's the current manifestation of the classical tradition, but these days, the edges of so-called New Music tend to bleed into the realms of ambient music, indie rock, jazz and even folk. Criteria for determining what constitutes newness in classical music are similarly slippery.

Therefore, in creating a list of the top new classical-music releases of 2009, I've decided that egregious cheating regarding style and time period is allowed; let’s leave it at that. Simply put, these are the records from the past year that I cannot stop playing.

Nadia Sirota is a violist, as well as a blogger and Artist in Residence for Q2 in New York. Click here for more entries in our Best Music of 2009 series.

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Nadia Sirota