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All Songs Rewind: The Legacy Of The '90s

Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton are both out this week, and in their absence All Songs Considered contributor Katie Presley and ASC intern Julian Ring have done what any respectful colleagues would do in similar circumstances: They have taken control of the entire show.

This week Katie and Julian will share their favorite memories and episodes of All Songs, starting with one of the podcast's most popular shows ever, a 2011 episode that revisits the music of the 1990s: the best, worst and weirdest from a hugely divisive era in music.

This retrospective charts the birth of grunge, the commercial rise of hip-hop, a batch of gutsy female songwriters and a few goofy one-hit wonders we'd mostly forgotten about. This episode is also Ann Powers' debut as a member of NPR Music, and she and Stephen Thompson join Bob and Robin to take a look back at the decade of flannel and spice.

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