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Ty Segall, 'Whisper'

Ty Segall's Southern California homebase is consistently sunny, but Segall revolts against routine. He's been a fearsome garage/punk one-man-band, made an all-acoustic album, and covered Hot Chocolate and Harry Nilsson. For Harmonizer, surprise-released last week, Segall teamed up with producer Cooper Crain of the ambient/electronic band Bitchin Bajas. But ambient music isn't part of Segall's palette... yet. On "Whisper," Segall mangles synthesizers until they sizzle and melt down into guitar-like lava. Combining sludgy stoner metal, electronic textures and sugary-sweet harmonies, Segall basically remakes heavy music into his own funhouse image. At the end, "Whisper" suddenly lurches into a slower gear, heading off in another direction. There's Segall, the restless captain, again searching for something new under the sun, even in the same song.

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