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Talia Goddess, 'Poster Girl'

It's rare to hear artists share their thoughts on the matter of parasocial relationships. In comes 19-year-old Talia Goddess with her debut single "Poster Girl;" co-signed by A$AP Ferg, Goddess seamlessly glides between singing and rapping about stardom's confinement and one-dimensionality. A risky move for a brand new artist, Goddess shares her disdain for celebrity idolatry with a refreshing, unabashed cool.

"I got you stuck in my mind / Poster girl I want you to be mine / A figment of my imagination, this romance is my best creation," Goddess sings on the hook. Accompanied by a funky bassline, stacked harmony line and fascinating drum section, "Poster Girl" is an enchanting siren song. Endlessly hypnotic, the track replicates the effect that the titular "Poster Girl" has on her fans for the listener.

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Cat Sposato