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Quinn Christopherson, 'Loaded Gun'

"Who would ever pay to see me?" Quinn Christopherson humbly asks on "Loaded Gun," the third and final track off his I Am Bubblegum EP. Christopherson wrote the song before winning NPR Music's 2019 Tiny Desk Contest and touring with artists like Lucy Dacus and Courtney Barnett — back when he thought he'd "never get to play music out of Alaska," as he says in a press statement.

"Loaded Gun" is a love letter to Christopherson's younger self that yearns with sweet specificity: groceries bought from a truck stop, the one and only tank top he owns, the familiarity of rhubarb pie and his grandmother's reassurance that he can always return home. "Your boy," Christopherson pauses just before the beat comes in, "he needs to run."

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