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Jessie Ware, 'Free Yourself'

"Free Yourself" is the soundtrack of the best party you'll find this summer. If you're running in the right circles, you might even spot Jessie Ware there. This track is all sequins, with an ABBA-meets-Jellybean type of sparkle to it. When you hear the pounding, rhythmic keys, you might be inspired to, perhaps, bob your head or shake a leg. But when you arrive at that scientifically precise dance breakdown in the last third of the song? That's when you're bound to boogie.

If you're wondering why "Free Yourself" sounds like pop perfection, you can at least partially credit fellow Brit Dua Lipa, who produced the track with Ware and knows a little something about making music for our pandemic nu-disco era. There's something about disco that feels primed to punctuate our present moment as we crawl in and out of quarantine, from COVID infection to re-infection. Perhaps that's because we all need dance floors – in our bedrooms or otherwise – to shake off the strictures of the world. "Free Yourself" suits these times perfectly, whether you're out and about or home in your pajamas.

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Nisha Venkat