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Join The Punk Parade For RVIVR's 'The Tide' Video

RVIVR is the pep-punk band of your life. Erica Freas and Mattie Jo Canino write songs that examine the harsh realities of love and loss and politics, but in fist-pumping melodies that rally around our shared existence within this big mess called humanity. The Olympia band released a 7" at the beginning of 2017, but it's been four years since The Beauty Between. "There's a new full length on the horizon and a lot of experimenting happening in the meantime," the band wrote in February — I can't wait.

From that single comes a video for "The Tide" directed by RVIVR drummer Kevin Rainsberry, which splits live performance footage with a parade of punks goofily dancing around a dude who has no interest in cheering up. We've all been that dude — "when you feel so small, like nothing at all," Freas and Canino sing — and here RVIVR recognizes that it's okay to sit in that funk, but to eventually "let the waves wash away all the skin off this year (cuz here it comes again)."

"The Tide" b/w "Shaggy" is out now on Dead Broke and Bandcamp. RVIVR goes on a month-long U.S./Canadian tour starting May 5.

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