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There Are Over 12,000 Bugs In Hundred Waters' Video For 'Fingers'

Over 12,000 creepy-crawlies do their creepy-crawliest all over Hundred Waters' Nicole Miglis in this video for "Fingers," so consider this your warning... or invitation. We don't judge.

Like the insects in the Allie Avital-directed video, "Fingers" is built on hesitation and tension, as producer Trayer Tryon's low-end piano keys and muddled synths glide over Zach Tetreault's crisp drumming. "Some days I feel like I see you a little too much / But on the days I don't see you / Are the days don't see anything at all," sings Miglis with yearning, but somehow not screaming as 12,000 insects scuttle across her body.

The trio's new album, which now bears the name Communicating, is slowly turning out to be one that blurs the edges of smart electronic production and live instrumentation.

Communicating comes out Sept. 14 via OWLSA. Hundred Waters goes on tour starting Aug. 25.

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