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Strange Things Are Afoot In Foo Fighters' 'The Sky Is A Neighborhood' Video

Foo Fighters are no strangers to fairy tales, but in a Dave Grohl-directed video for "The Sky Is A Neighborhood," there's an eerie glow not all that dissimilar to the sci-fi wonder of Stranger Things. The band stomps on top of a fantastical forest cabin inhabited by two Eleven-looking young girls (who happen to be played by Grohl's daughters).

The second single from Concrete And Gold is a soulful stomp that turns psychedelic, perhaps the "Motorhead's version of Sgt. Pepper's... or something like that," to which Grohl has been alluding.

Concrete And Gold comes out Sept. 15 via RCA. Foo Fighters starts a U.S. tour in October.

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