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Pup's Video For 'Old Wounds' Is A 16-Bit Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Game

The Toronto chaos punks in PUP regularly explode the ridiculous of the existential, heard both on last year's excellent album The Dream Is Over and across videos that feature brawls in operating rooms, a demolition derby, and every great Nintendo game ever.

Director Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux is the common denominator among those videos, here turning "Old Wounds" into a night out with a band member of your choosing. Your goal: "You are PUP's new tour manager. Get [band member] safely back to his hotel. The future of the band is in your hands!!!" It's a Choose Your Own Adventure-style video game — with myriad ways to die — as you shotgun beers with Steve, take shrooms with Stefan, eat a pizza with Nestor and fight reptilians with Zack. It's goofy as hell, as you control the lives of four dudes who just want to party.

Will you save the universe?

The Dream Is Over is out now via SideOneDummy. PUP is on tour.

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