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Lydia Loveless On Mountain Stage

Lydia Loveless on Mountain Stage
Brian Blauser
Mountain Stage
Lydia Loveless on Mountain Stage

Do-it-yourself cowpunk rocker Lydia Loveless makes her debut on Mountain Stage, recorded live at the Culture Center Theater in Charleston, W.Va. The daughter to a music bar-owning father in rural Ohio, Loveless experienced a rotating cast of artistic characters during her youth, which would effectively mirror her own artistry upon moving to the big city of Columbus. Loveless' soulful rasp combined with steel guitar immediately gives her music a honky-tonk or rockabilly flair, but dig a little deeper and you'll actually hear influences ranging from the power-pop songwriting of Justin Bieber and Britney Spears to the darker hues of '80s new wave, à la Billy Idol and Tom Waits. Be the alternative you want to see in the world: That's exactly what Loveless continues to do.

Lydia Loveless' latest release is Real, out now on Bloodshot Records.


  • "Same to You"
  • "More than Ever"
  • "The Water"
  • "Bilbao"
  • "Real"
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